Large skylights throughout the space provide natural lighting for the studio.

Large skylights throughout the space provide natural lighting for the studio.

Our bright, spacious, studio is equipped with the finest Specialized Equipment made by Balance Body, Stott and GYROTONIC® Expansion System - Stamina.

Kiran DeWilde, Director, B.A., M.A., Certified Pilates Instructor, Pilates Method and a Licensed GYROTONIC® Instructor, Level II GYROTONIC® exercises; Certified on the Specialized Equipment:  The Archway, the Jump Stretch Board and the Leg Extension Unit.  

She has worked in Westlake, Montecito, and in Santa Barbara studios & fitness clubs before becoming the Director/Founder of Shearwater Movement in 2007.  Having taught University Level gymnastic camps, her life has come full circle by practicing and teaching movement based GYROTONIC® exercises and the Pilates Method. 

Kiran's involvement in competitive collegiate gymnastic and dance from a young age has given her a natural ability to work with the body through movement.  She enjoys teaching, and helping her students develop body awareness, balance, flexibility and tone — while increasing strength. An avid learner she continues to fine tune her practice as well as her teaching skills through continuing education workshops.   Kiran's goal is to help her students to look well, move well, and be well through their life's journey. Her teaching methods encourage precise and effective movement.

Professional CEC:  Comprehensive Pilates Certificates from Balance Body, and The PhysicalMind Institute, Physical Therapy Protocols and Pilates, ACSM -American College of Sports Medicine; The Franklin Method, Anatomy in Clay - Pilates on Tour; Alexander Technique, and Pregnancy & Pilates;  GYROTONIC® Psoas Workshop;  GYROTONIC® Level II;  GYROTONIC® Specialized Equipment: Archway, Jump Stretch Board, and Leg Extension Unit.   Attended Level 1 Certification workshop with Genius of Flexibility - Bob Cooley's Stretch and Strengthen Your Body. 

 SARA DAY, Certified Pilates Instructor, RN, BSN

Originally from Montana, Sara has been a Certified Pilates teacher since 2006, first with The PhysicalMind Institute and a followed up certification with Balanced Body under the tutelage of Maria Leone. She has combined her Pilates experience and her license as a Registered Nurse in order to address her clients needs physiologically as well as anatomically. With her focus, attention, and knowledge, she helps her clients achieve total health, body balance and wellness in order to strengthen their abilities in all aspects of life. Sara tailors her sessions to the individual, whether rehabilitation, increased flexibility, strength or simply body awareness. With additional workshops....



Jo Landis Shields, Certified Pilates Instructor.

Jo considers teaching Pilates her dream job, as it allows her to combine her love of fitness and passion for helping others.  She loves to see Pilates enhance and transform the lives of her clients. Jo believes Pilates is the perfect Yin to any lifestyle.  Pilates helps establish the mind-body connection necessary for a balanced fitness routine, while learning proper movement patterns that will sustain healthy posture, and inspire new ways to strengthen the entire body. Jo is also certified in TRX Suspension Training, and is a student of Reike; the study of emotional healing through universal life energy.  She is committed to continuing her Pilates education with workshops, self-practice, and supporting certifications. Jo currently serves on the Event Ambassador Committee for Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation where she has been active since 2010.

 Ruth Alpert, Certified Pilates & Gyrotonic Instructor, PMA, Traeger Bodywork

Ruth Alpert brings to her teaching extensive training in alternative movement modalities in addition to her many years’ experience as a dancer.  Ruth’s interest in healing movement began in 1976, with the work of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Lulu Sweigard, and Susan Klein.  She has been a certified practitioner of The Trager® Approach since 1987.  Ruth was trained in pilates by Michele Larsson in 1992 and has been an Associate of Core Dynamics since 1998.  She certified in GYROTONIC® in 2002, and became a teacher of The Alexander Technique in 2007.  Ruth has conducted workshops throughout the US since 1978.


Workouts at Shearwater Movement & Paseo Pilates are individually customized and designed to achieve the following for our clients:

• Strengthen the back and abdomen
• Improve posture and balance
• Improve coordination
• Develop control and precision of movement
• Increase flexibility
• Tone muscles
• Increase energy level
• Increase body awareness  
• Improve self-esteem

Benefits of GYROTONIC® Exercises:

• Cardiovascular exercises aid in
organ function.
• Increase blood circulation, strengthen the nervous system and  promote healthy spine and joints. 
• Help to rid the body of toxins and opens the meridian system to create harmony and balance in the flow of energy.
• Simultaneously strengthens and stretches
the body.


Kiran DeWilde, Director, B.A., M.A., Certified Pilates Instructor & Licensed Gyrotonic Instructor Level 1 & Level 2


SARA DAY, Certified Pilates Instructor, RN, BSN

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Jo Shields, Certified Pilates Instructor, BASI & PMA

Ruth Alpert, Certified Pilates Instructor, PMA, Traeger Bodywork