Our boutique studio specializes in “Appointment Only” private and semi-private sessions verses group exercises classes.
We offer you true privacy (most often, you will not share the studio space with another client and instructor), natural lighting and personalized attention during your workout.  
Our main goal is to give you a safe, healthy and effective workout, every time! 
We believe privates, and semi-privates are the best way to achieve our goal.

*Private rates vary by instructor.
Range between $90-$95 /  55 Mins

Intro Privates - $70 / 55 minutes- online booking


Privates: This work is performed on specialized equipment and offers an individual one-on-one instruction.  

Private Mat work is a series of exercises focusing on abdominal muscles, strength and flexibility. This does not require specialized equipment and can be done at home. 


Small Group Class- online booking

Wednesday @ 1:30 p.m
$32.50 each /  55 Minutes


This work is performed on specialized equipment and is a small group setting no more than  3 people per teacher.



$150 for 55 Mins. (An additional $25 travel fee applies for homes located more than 7 miles from the downtown studio).


Our instructors are happy to teach you in the comfort, and privacy of your own home or office.



by appt only 


Our studio provides Apprentices' of Pilates or GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® an opportunity to rent our equipment at a reduced rate while they complete their program of study. Please call or email or our studio for current rates and times available.


Packages & Series : How do I get started?

Schedule an Introductory Private session on either the Gyrotonic Expansion system or the Pilates Method. $70.00 per session** (up to 3 sessions)

**New Clients Only.
Experience all the pieces of specialized equipment.
Call today 805-637-2165 or email: frontdeskhelppp@gmail.com or return to homepage and scroll down to "Book Online today"
( *reflects single session rates- Series rates can be purchased and vary by instructor. Generally, a private is between $85-$90 a session, (Private Series of 10 is $800 - $900), Duet sessions vary by instructor $55-$60 per person. Duets series of 10 $550-$650). Trio groups are $32.50 a class.)