Pilates Exercises :    Founder - Joseph Hubert Pilates (1880-1967)

Pilates Exercises : 
Founder - Joseph Hubert Pilates (1880-1967)

The Method-Pilates :

Pilates' a mind-body and kinesthetically oriented exercise program which uniquely conditions the body for healthy movement and activity.

Pilates is a mind and body workout combining flexibility, strength and coordination to the whole body. Using mats and specialized equipment, there are more than 500 resistance exercises beneficial for rehabilitation, injury prevention, postural alignment and overall fitness. While focusing on core stability and efficiency of movement, the programs are created to meet the needs and abilities of each individual by encouraging body awareness, and control of body movements. By controlling both the concentric and eccentric contraction of the muscle, the muscle elongates, achieving a long, and lean physique.










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GYROTONIC®  Exercises:   Founder - Juliu Horvath (1942 - present)

GYROTONIC® Exercises:  
Founder - Juliu Horvath (1942 - present)


The word "gyro" (meaning ring, spiral or circle) and "tonic" (to tone or invigorate), is a movement system devised to increase range of motion, coordination, and strength by performing circular and rotational movements. Based on the principles of swimming, ballet, yoga, and tai chi it works the body as an integrated whole, exercising the musculature of the body while mobilizing and articulating the joints. The movement patterns are natural, fluid and organic.

The GYROTONIC® equipment is designed to become an extension of the body, allowing freedom of movement with no restriction to speed or versatility. The movement is non-linear and non-isolated, mimicking the healthy resistance of water.  The exercises work towards creating a polarity of forces using the latest European Physiotherapy concept of “Stabilization Through Contrast”.